KAZ Consulting, LLC specializes in business and technology consulting and is also a software developer of both custom applications and commercially available applications.   We have provided consulting and business solutions to numerous companies in a variety of industries.   The company services customers nationwide via phone and internet. With the main office in Central Florida, local on site support is available.
The company was founded in 1988 and has staff with many years of experience in management, education, writing, developing and speaking. Software engineering is our specialty, and we have a diverse background in numerous industries providing a unique perspective on business relationships, interaction, and operations. Our engineering and technical knowledge brings the combination of technology and business together to create a unique and skilled approach to solving business problems.

Our broad background gives the company a unique ability to work with a variety of customers, products, services, systems, and business problems.       With the variety of solutions we have already provided, many parts of them can be re-used to create new solutions for customers at considerable savings.

Kaz Consulting, LLC also employs professional associates as needed to meet the needs of our customers and projects.

KAZ Consulting, LLC is also the parent company of Software for Professionals


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